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If you know of fabulous web sites, e-mail the link to: Rebecca

Vintage anaglyphic stereo photographs fromt he 19th Century. organised by The California Museum of Photography

What is Anaglyphic imagery? And more stereoscopic facts

One of the better artist websites - The Spleen by Piotr Szyhalski

Zoe Beloff's website

www.artkrush.com - brilliant, the best of new goings on - in the artworld, updated often, super links

TheThing dot net - good hosting and exhibition listings and more

Free Manifesta

Sepia Gallery, New York

Jaques Lacan Website - Lacanian ink - this is a beautifully designed site (Lacan = good mind crank)

Brecht inspiration

Mark Video

Dan Shelley's website - more great 3-d links

Duchamp sound poetry - Ubu Gallery, New York (great web site)

Whitney Museum of American Art

Stanford University MFA Program

University of Westminster, new creative campus (the Central London Campus closed in 1995)



Internet Art Resources
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The collector’s guide to the visual arts!

favourite airport terminal - coming soon!

Gen Art San Francisco

Trebor Scholz, post your thoughts on Sept. 11th

Trebor Scholz homepage

FreeCooperation.org by Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink

Free places to stay all over the world - Servas

The Guardian Newspaper, London - for all the news and points of view not present in the mainstream American media

Good newscoverage from England (what the american media won't cover yet...) - counterpunch.com, Edward Said and more...

or the good olde BBC

Magic Lantern Movies


Bhava Yoga