How Brazil Launched an Anti-Racism Campaign to Support Vinicius Junior

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has recently announced a bold initiative to combat racism and show its support for Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior, who has been the target of racial abuse during his time in the Spanish La Liga. The campaign involves friendlies matches against two African nations, Guinea and Senegal, which will take place on June 17th and 20th respectively. This initiative comes as a part of Brazil’s broader effort to tackle discrimination in football.

Vinicius Junior has faced numerous incidents of racial abuse since joining Real Madrid from Flamengo in 2018. In just one instance this season, he was subjected to monkey chants by supporters of rival club Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The incident caused uproar amongst both players and fans alike and sparked international condemnation. As a result, CBF president Rogerio Caboclo made it his mission to launch an anti-racism campaign in order to put an end to such vile behavior being displayed in football stadiums across the world.

In order to do this, Caboclo has organized friendly matches between Brazil’s national team and two African countries that hold close ties with Vinicius Junior – Guinea and Senegal. These are significant nations given their strong links with Brazilian football culture as many of Brazil’s most renowned players come from African heritage backgrounds including Neymar Jr., Romario, Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho Gaucho and Rivaldo. As such, these matches are designed not only to raise awareness about anti-racism campaigns but also celebrate diversity within football while providing much needed support for Vinicius Junior during his time at Real Madrid.

The first match will be played between Brazil and Guinea at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium on June 17th before facing Senegal three days later at Lisbon’s Estádio da Luz arena on June 20th. Both friendlies will be broadcasted live worldwide with various commentators interpreting events throughout the games as well as offering expert analysis into why tackling racism in football is so important today. Furthermore, CBF have arranged for special jerseys featuring a white background with rainbow colored vines wrapping around it to be worn by all players involved – representing unity and acceptance regardless of race or nationality.

This anti-racism campaign initiated by CBF comes in stark contrast to other responses seen from other organizations after similar incidents occurred this season; showing a clear commitment towards making sure that no form of discrimination is tolerated even if it takes place thousands of miles away from home soil. Caboclo wears Vinicius Junior’s Real Madrid jersey as a reminder for everyone watching that justice must prevail regardless of who we are or where we come from.

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